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Get in Loser, we're going germ-fighting

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Flu season, you can’t sit with us! (Anyone? meangirlsfanforever, just me?)

Anyone else having an insane sick season this year?? I think my boys have been sick 3 times in the last month & a half, Ugh! And last year I was in the very last months of my pregnancy with B during the peak of such a crazy flu season. I barely wanted to leave the house, but I was pregnant and had a toddler, so I also NEEDED to leave the house! ha! I don’t think I’ve ever used so much hand sanitizer in my life! #precautions! And hey! we managed to make it through last years flu season without getting sick at all! But that doesn’t mean we escaped it everytime— This year we’ve been catching things left and right, especially now that we’re doing things with lots of mama & kiddo groups, it’s inevitable so I thought I would share a little window into the cold/flu symptoms protocol in our home:

For our kids sick protocol looks a bit like this:

  • Vitamin D drops

  • PB Assist Jr - Doterra’s kids probiotic, they’re like pixie sticks and SOO good for immune support with that gut support!

  • Lots of water, as much as I can get them to drink!

  • Hand washing! And in between I use Doterra’s spray hand sanitizer because kids alllllways find all the hidden germs, and put them right into their mouths. We love this hand sanitizer because it smells amazing, we always get comments when we’re out about how good it smells when I spray it, ha! It also is a spray sanitizer which my kids think it is so much fun, and it’s easy for me to spray on their hands, so everyone wins!

  • Get Well roller on bottoms of feet + spine every couple hours as we can!

  • Up their veggies:
    — Smoothies with zucchini/avocado/spinach/green apple/pineapple — my faux mac n “cheese” sauce with squash & sweet potatoes hidden — Homemade pizza with ALL of the veggies (one of the only ways Leighton will willingly eat vegetables! #momwin)

  • Depending on symptoms we love diffusing:
    — Onguard + frank — Onguard + lavender — Breathe + Frank — Onguard + wild orange + melaleuca — Juniper berry + frank —

  • Detox Epsom salt baths: we add either zendocrine, or frank + juniper berry to epsom salts for the kids bath. We have them soak about 15-20 minutes in this bath to soak up all the magnesium and detox benefits from the essential oils.

  • Lavender garlic salve on feet before naps/bedtime

And then for Jor & I:

  • Life Long Vitality vitamin pack (We take these everyday, but ESPECIALLY when we’re sick & sometimes I up to the full dose instead of my normal half dosage and I SWEAR by this, it helps me not to get full blown sick most times!)

  • Onguard+ Pills (We pop two if we feel a tickle in our throats, or anyone around us is sick! then we do 2-3 each day until we feel better, not taking longer than 10 days because of the Oregano)

  • Get Well roller on feet/spine/lymph nodes every hour as we can

  • Digestzen roller on bridge of nose if congested

  • Up our water intake

  • Up the veggies!

  • Copaiba softgels to relax body to sleep at night (why is sleeping so hard when sick?!)

  • Detox bath for me! I love adding juniper berry + frankincense, or doing zendocrine & aromatouch in epsom salts for a bath if I’m feeling at all under the weather

  • Diffuse in our room a variety of:
    — Breathe + serenity — Breathe + Juniper berry — Onguard + extra Clove + Siberian Fir — Lemon + Melaleuca —

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